Motel Dreaming

A social sleeping and dreaming experiment. With room service.

The Telepathy Project

Contemporary artists

Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples have been working together as The Telepathy Project since 2005 devising and presenting collaborative works that engage with alternate ways of knowing and being together. Their projects have been presented in private and public galleries and festivals in Australia, USA, Germany, Spain, France and India. These projects have often been realised collaboratively both between each other and with other artist collectives such as A Constructed World and with the general public, students and exhibition audiences taking forms as diverse as; musicals, dream recitals, remote international drawing projects, epic sleepovers, telepathically curated exhibitions, collaborative paintings and institutional interventions.

Recent works focused on dreaming include:

  • Dream Work, 'Reading Solaris to the Great Moorool', Tarrawarra Biennale 2014 (forthcoming)
  • Dream Recital, ‘White Night Melbourne’, National Galley of Victoria, 2014
  • Dreaming the Collection, ‘Melbourne Now’, National Galley of Victoria, 2013/14
  • Dreaming The Arabian Sea, ‘(en)counters festival’, Mumbai, India 2013
  • Dream Paintings, Gertrude Contemporary 2013
  • Dream Studio, Gertrude Contemporary 2013
  • 20 Nights of Dream Telepathy, Barcelona OZCO apartment Spain and West Space, Melbourne 2011

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