Motel Dreaming

A social sleeping and dreaming experiment. With room service.

Spiritual mid-wives

Our dream team:

Jo Cook - minibar curator

Ken Lewis – chef

Katt Strachan - dinner host

Dean Stevenson – singer

Emma Hawkins – actor

Minna Wight – keys

James Andrews – dancer

Rebecca Horne – Mum

Stephanie Elkington, Jake Matricardi, Esther Myles and Geoffrey Weber – psychopomps

Andrew Perry - Night Mare

Mia Tinkler - Kitchen Ghost

Steve Miller – bar and vibes

Izabel Caligiore and Brigette Hart – DJs

Douglas Brook – film

Andrew McDonald - camera

Heidi Yardley – visual artist

Anna Schoo – production manager

Stephen Wood – graphics


Special thanks to The Riverfront Motel, Bentwood Coffee, Red Decker Buses, MONA and The Rumblers Hot Rod and Custom Club.