Motel Dreaming

A social sleeping and dreaming experiment. With room service.

Jason James

Lighting artist

Jason is a Hobart-based artist, lighting designer, projection designer, curator, teacher, technician, and gamer. Jason focuses on experimental, multi-disciplinary, and transmedia art and is fascinated by the very bright, and the very dark. His practice spans from performance, to installation, and more recently to objects. 

Recent artworks include: 

  • Galla Placidia, Dark Mofo 2013, Sound to Light – Crossing Borders, Hobart
  • Emo, Notorious R&D, NAF:TMFC, Dark Mofo, CAST Gallery, Hobart
  • Plinths, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart
  • Instill v1, v2, and v3, Live Art at Light Box Gallery, Peacock Theatre, Old Hobart Penitentiary Chapel
  • Death of the Actroid, solo exhibition at Rat Palace Pop Up Gallery, Hobart
  • Lego Head on Statue of David , Penny Contemporary Artists for Bushfire Relief, Hobart
  • Bulb (with Scott Cotterell), Kelly’s Garden, Hobart
  • Kill Machine (group exhibition), Inflight for Touchy Feely, Hobart 

Recent lighting design credits include:

  • Shadow Dreams, Terrapin Puppet Theatre 
  • The Barbarians, IHOS Opera
  • Hungry For You, Extended Play Projects (Lighting and Video Design)
  • Sleeping Horses Lie, Terrapin Puppet Theatre

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