Motel Dreaming

A social sleeping and dreaming experiment. With room service.

David Patman


Co-David is a social theorist, digital artist and consultant who studies and works with the unconscious social dynamics of groups and communities (real and virtual). Trained as an engineer with a PhD in social theory, David is interested in the sociology and cybernetics of dreaming: both its function as a social practice and value as a source of information about social cohesion and dynamics. He has led and participated in a number of exploratory  ‘social dreaming’ activities, which involve groups sleeping in shared spaces, to investigate the potential significance for the group of the dreams which emerge.

David has also assisted in creating and managing arts infrastructure, including co-founding Melbourne’s Grey Area Inc artist-run studio and gallery space in 1995, co-founding Hobart’s FOYER Gallery, and as a board member of the Salamanca Theatre Company and the Hobart Fringe Festival.

David has collaborated with Noah Pedrini on digital art projects, with recent pieces including:

  •, a virtual confessional [NSFW], launched during Dark MOFO 2013
  •, an online dream aggregator which uses natural language processing techniques to analyse and visualise dreams
  • Unconscious Radio, an internet radio station which broadcasts crowd-sourced dream content. 
  • Forthcoming projects include 'yourworstnightmare', a folterkammer of crowd-sourced scary stories.

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